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Insight & Outlook

Insight & Outlook


We aim to generate original thinking on issues of common interest.

This strategic initiative will leverage the tremendous intellectual capital in our Market to support growth by:

  • Curating knowledge and intelligence from in and outside the market to stimulate debate around common problems and collective solutions.
  • Commissioning research or partnering with academic institutions or think tanks to go broader and deeper into each topic of interest.
  • Encouraging fresh thinking and stimulating action.

London Matters
We are relaunching the London Matters report with the purpose of drawing comparisons from the previous reports and uncovering emerging trends. We are keen to focus on why capital is placed in the London Market and establish if we retain a position of global excellence when it comes to specialty insurance and reinsurance. The report will be available from Q1 2020 giving an insight into the London Market pre Brexit and enabling an opportunity to see the effect post Brexit.

EventWatch is a 24×7 global event monitoring, alert and analysis service that monitors a wide range of events that could result in insurance losses. This service is free and available to all association members. (IUA, LIIBA, LMA, Lloyd’s)

Using machine learning and AI it provides users with alerts and news that matter, with the user having the ability to monitor specific sites and locations unique to them.

EventWatch enables you to take measures to prepare or act quicker when events are occurring, resulting in negotiating better terms, more efficient assessments and faster processing of claims.

You are alerted via email, mobile app or the website itself and can tailor this to your needs with daily or weekly digests.

  • Dave Matcham

    Chief Executive Officer


The LMG Board sponsor is Dave Matcham.

Workstream members are:

– Clare Lebecq (LMG)
– Rachel Crocker (LMG)
– Trevor Maynard (Lloyd’s)
– Scott Farley (IUA)
– Lidia Bozhevolnaya (Hiscox)
– Leslie Kurshan (Marsh)
– Peta Kilian (LMA)


Since the launch of this initiative in February 2019 our work has been mainly focused on preparing the ground for the new London Matters Report that will be published in Q1 2020. The report has established itself as a key document for our industry as it acts as a basis for discussion about the Market, its position in the global industry and the issues it faces when looking to the future. Having a fact-based approach to our thinking and planning has helped us to gain unprecedented levels of market and government engagement across our work.

London Matters III will continue to look at the trends emerging in the Market both in London and Globally, but we also want to keep it fresh, so we will investigate a number of new angles to give further insight and direction to Market participants.

In addition to our work on London Matters III, and as part of our drive to give London Market participants greater insights, we have collaborated with the supplier of Eventwatch® a 24/7 world event alert “app” that market participants can download for free. Further information on this can be found on the Eventwatch page on this site.