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London Makes It Possible e-learning material launched


Press release

31th March, 2020 – The London Market Group (LMG) has launched e-learning materials to help inform North American brokers, who are less familiar with the London Market, about how the market works.

The course currently comprises three short training modules; an overview of how the London Market works, how risks are placed and how claims get paid. Each is no longer than 10 minutes and free for users.

Clare Lebecq, CEO, London Market Group said: “As part of our work to promote the London Market, we wanted to be able to help brokers who don’t regularly deal with London, or those new to the industry, to understand how the market works. We have worked with colleagues in the US and subject matter experts to create a course which uses cases studies to bring the market to life and illustrate how it works.

“We are delighted that a number of brokers are including our courses in their own Learning Management Systems and we are advertising the courses through digital advertising and social media. With the current global lockdown, we hope to bring the London Market to brokers in North America even if we can’t be there in person.”

The course is free and available via online registration via

For more information please contact:

Caroline Wagstaff, Luther Pendragon |  Tel: 020 7618 9158


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