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Is Agile The New Normal?


Rachel Crocker, Senior Project Manager at London Market Group

Working from home when we are thrown into the middle of a pandemic is one thing, but working from home as we adjust to living with an ongoing pandemic is a different kettle of fish.

Many of the everyday distractions that we found interrupting a standard working day have the potential to be removed now that we are starting to navigate the new normal. Childcare facilities will be opening up, children are returning to school, care homes are reopening, and gyms have welcomed us back; not to mention the social aspect of pubs and restaurants accepting our orders. The new working from home life has the potential to have far fewer distractions.

From a mental health aspect, lockdown has been rough, isolation has been tough and it’s showed more than ever how managers have to approach their employees with care. It has revealed a sensitive side to people and helped to improve relationships between colleagues, the ability to reach out to others and check in more than normal, to ensure that we are all coping with this new way of life. We have been presented with an opportunity to test and try new ways of working that we would never have had the opportunity to before.

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