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Latest release from PPL delivers increased flexibility for users

Press Release: August 27th, 2019: The latest release from Placing Platform Limited (PPL) delivers changes requested by users, enabling them to… continue


New Sponsor for delegated authority workstream as DA SATS anno…

Press release August 20, 2019 – The London Market Group (LMG) today announced that Paul Brady, Head of Policyholder & Third Party Oversight… continue


Over half a million in scope market risks are now bound electronically

Press release August 12th, 2019: Market-wide data was released today for risks placed electronically during the second quarter of 2019. One hundred… continue


Brexit Update

With a new UK government in place, and positions in the Treasury filled, the LMG will be once again reaching out to ministers and officials to… continue


PPL celebrates third birthday with a quarter of a million firm orders

PPL, the market’s digital risk transfer platform, announced today that 250,000 firm orders have been bound on the platform in the three years… continue


Report calls for action now to address skills shortage

14th May, 2019 – Today, the London Market Group (LMG), in association with KPMG, launched a report entitled ‘The future of skills in the… continue


2019 starts strongly for e-placement across the market

Press release May 13th, 2019: The Board of PPL today released the market wide data for risks placed electronically during the first quarter of… continue


PPL binds over 50,000 risks

April 5, 2019 – the board of PPL Ltd announced that over 50,000 risks have now been bound on the platform – with nearly 12,500 risks bound… continue


London Market launches new trade ambitions to drive growth agenda

April 4, 2019 – the London Market Group (LMG) today unveiled the next stage of its work to take advantage of new trading opportunities that… continue


Interim LMTOM Sponsor announced

London Market announces interim sponsor for the LM TOM April 1, 2019 the London Market Group (LMG) today announced that John Neal, CEO of Lloyd’s… continue


London Market updates vision and workstreams for the next stag…

February 28, 2019 – the London Market Group (LMG) unveiled its revised mission and announced two new workstreams at its Market Forum today.… continue


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