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Why London?


We recognise that we need to tell the London Market story better in order to provide our buyers with a clear case for coming here to purchase our product and services.

We have created a compelling story that demonstrates:

  • That London insurers’ willingness to underwrite complex risks means that companies and individuals worldwide turn to the market for protection of assets ranging from space stations to musicians’ hands
  • That the London market is large enough to cover the biggest risks – and it is the largest global hub for commercial and specialty risk controlling more than $110 billion of gross written premium in 2018, bigger than Bermuda, Zurich and Singapore combined
  • Its global reach – the market can deliver solutions for risks in almost every territory around the world

The London Market offers creative solutions rooted in its unique structure that has a wide range of market participants competing and co-operating in close proximity in the City of London.


The LMG Board sponsor is Kate Markham.

Members of the Steering Group include:

– Kate Markham – Chair (Hiscox)
– Caroline Wagstaff (Luther Pendragon)
– Clare Lebecq (LMG)
– Lisa Appiah (LMG)
– Carole Porter (Marsh)
– Linda Miller (Lloyd’s)
– Rebecca Haggerty (Awac)
– Richard Hebblethwaite (AIG)
– Scott Farley (IUA)
– Patrick Palmer (Barbican Insurance)
– Keith Trivitt (Axis Capital)
– Roger Lowry (QBE)
– James Milne (Lloyd’s)


  • Kate Markham

    Chief Executive Officer


In August 2019 we launched a new “London Makes It Possible” website. The new site is not just a repository for campaign materials and a source of facts and stories, it is now a resource that will be used to support our digital marketing campaign as we build out further content. Our Digital campaign will initially be focused on the US and our current content plans include:

On-Line Education Modules

Educational modules targeted at US brokers who might be unfamiliar with the London Market. We want to use education as a way of building their knowledge and understanding of London’s strengths as a global re/insurance hub. An introduction to the London Market and Placing are now live and free to access via the London Makes it Possible website. An introduction to the London Market and Placing are now live and free to access via the London Makes it Possible website.

Pivoting the London Market Message

Our videos tell the story of the London Market through the three key lenses of, Progress, Protection and Restoration were premiered in London in February 2020.

This content is available on the London Makes it Possible website and has been used successfully in our US digital campaign.

Stories Told by our Practitioners

In 2019 we ran over 12 free storytelling courses with the help of the Richard Brimblecombe. Storytelling helps to build competitive edge by making key messages more memorable and more persuasive while, at the same time, strengthening human connections with clients and potential clients.

Following the success of our story telling courses, we have taken some of the delegates from the sessions and recorded their stories on camera. The way these delegates told their stories during the course was so compelling that we felt that they really captured the essence of what we do here in London. This content is also available on the London Makes it Possible website.

We will of course continue to use the captivating London Makes It Possible imagery that was used to launch our promotional activity back in 2017. It has now become synonymous with our campaign and helps to bring to life the risks that we write in the Market.