Speaking up for specialty insurance

The London Market Group convenes and represents all London insurance businesses. We facilitate debate, articulate key messages and take action on the topics where a single voice or campaign is most effective.

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Expert knowledge and innovative outlook

The challenges and opportunities facing businesses around the world continue to evolve and grow and, with them, their exposures. London has always been about innovation and looking beyond simple indemnity to providing additional service and risk management advice and support, particularly during a crisis.

Today, it is no longer just about physical assets and services that a company can see, manage and protect. Businesses are increasingly dependent on third parties for their success and increasingly at risk from a range of reputational issues – whether it is measurable progress on ESG, systems or product failures from cyber-attacks, or new technology that goes rogue.

If there are solutions to be found to these challenges relating to risk, they are most likely to be found in London. This is the only place that brings together the breadth of expertise, flexibility of thinking and weight of capital to address the universe of risks that decision makers are facing.

Largest global centre for risk

The LMG is a market-wide body, bringing together the specialist commercial (re)insurance broking and underwriting communities in London.

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The London market is a bustling hub

A bustling hub where bold thinkers delve into uncertainty. Within this give-and-take, nearly 59,000 insurance professionals mastermind solutions for emerging risks and underpin global trade, development and innovation.

Why London

Attracting Young Talent

We want to help the London Market build a diverse, dynamic workforce which offers a deep talent pool on which the market can draw.

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