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Assessing risk amid deep transformation


In his latest article for Insurance Business Magazine, Antoine Guerin, Head of Strategic Initiatives, London Market Group explores new and increased risks emerging as a result of the biggest economic and health crisis this generation has seen and shines a light on the London Market Group’s efforts to investigate the shifts in the corporate risk landscape and the wider economy through its Client Lens research programme.

 The deep dive, due to be published in the first half of 2021, will be analysing four major industries essential to the economy and all undergoing severe transformations – information technology, energy & utilities, consumer & retail, financial services.

 Understanding client’s needs in a constantly adapting world remains as important as ever in order for the London Market to continue to protect and serve its clients whilst enabling their growth. Though some risks will inevitably emerge as we adapt to a new way of life and business, these transformations also present a unique opportunity for businesses to thrive, grow and innovate.

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