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Data Council appoints Nick Williams-Walker from Gallagher to lead Technical Group  


3 May 2023: The London Market Group’s Data Council is pleased to announce that Nick Williams-Walker, Chief Operating Officer of Gallagher’s Specialty division, has agreed to become the new Chair of its Technical Group, replacing Jonathan Prinn (who remains a member of the Data Council).

The Technical Group is responsible for analysing and taking some significant decisions on behalf of the market to move it towards truly digital solutions and contracts. These include:

  • Data standards and CDR,
  • Process, roles and responsibilities,
  • Computable contracts – adoption of the MRC v3,
  • Computable contracts – future horizons

Sheila Cameron, Chair of the Data Council and CEO of the Lloyd’s Market Association, commented “I would like to thank Jonathan Prinn for his engagement and hard work on behalf of the Technical Group – it has had some real successes in the last 12 months.

“As we move towards considering a horizon that includes true computable contracts, I welcome Nick Williams-Walker as our new Technical Group chair and look forward to working with him on the next stage of the London market’s digital journey.”

Nick Williams-Walker, Chair of the Data Council Technical Group, and COO of Gallagher’s  Specialty division said: “As the pace of change ramps up across the market, I am excited to be at the heart of delivering cross-market solutions for computable contracts and new digital processes which will benefit us and our clients in the long term.”


Notes to editors

Members of the Data Council and Technical Group can be viewed at Home – London Market Group LMG – The London Market Group.


For more information on this release, the LMG or the Data Council please contact:

Victoria Sisson, Luther Pendragon  |  Tel: +44 (0)7941 294872

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