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Data Council’s ‘Process, Roles and Responsibilities’ consultation goes live


Planning begins for the changes in workflow required to digitise the insurance market

2 February 2022 – The LMG’s Data Council has today gone live with the consultation process to confirm the details around who will do what (and at what stage) during the new digital placement process. This is known as the ‘Process, Roles and Responsibilities’ or PRR Consultation.

Market participants can read more information about the consultation and submit their feedback through the LMG website. Any specific questions can be directed to the dedicated consultation inbox:

All market organisations are encouraged to provide their input, and the content is most relevant to the Operations area of each business.

The consultation will run for just over one month, with the deadline to submit feedback being 3 March 2023.

Post-consultation analysis will be completed and the results published in Q2 2023.


For more information please contact:

Victoria Sisson, Luther Pendragon  |  Tel: 07941 294872

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