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Talent & Diversity

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Talent & Diversity


We want to help the London Market to build a diverse, dynamic workforce, which offers a deep talent pool for the market to draw on.

The work being undertaken by this workstream aims to:

  • Build a better understanding of where the true skills shortages in the market lie, in which specific areas, in the medium, long and short term
  • Promote the London Market as a first class employment choice to new and existing talent pools – whoever they are and wherever they are from
  • Ensure that those who will be the market leaders of tomorrow are integrally involved in its future design

The focus is on developing a diverse workforce with the skills required to ensure the future success of the London Market.


The LMG Board sponsor is Greg Collins

Workstream members are:

– Lisa Coleman (Atrium)
– Philip Giddings (Starr Companies)
– Marc McKenna-Coles (Lloyd’s)
– Paul Awcock (Lloyd’s)
– Pauline Miller (Inclusion@lloyd’s)
– Fiona Temple (LMA)
– Caroline Wagstaff (LMG)
– Greg Collins (Miller)
– Geraldine Wright (LIIBA)
– Allison Potts (CII)
– Deborah Finch (IUA)
– Ian Simons (CII)

  • Greg Collins

    Chief Executive Officer



In May 2019 we published the Future of Skills in The London Market. In the last five years the London Market has taken steps to put in the place the foundations for a digital market, and there has been progress around adoption of e-placement and other important tools. Staff at every level in underwriting and broking businesses will be thinking about the impact of this on what they do every day.

The London Market Group wanted to facilitate a market wide debate about what that means for all of us. With the help of KPMG, practitioners across all sectors were engaged in thinking about where the London Market is now and where it needs to be in terms of skills. Of course, this is not just about technology, it is about collaboration, innovation, communication and risk partnering. The report highlights what can and should be done and makes some important suggests on how to take action.

Throughout 2021 The London Market Group will continue to focus on raising awareness of the insurance market as a career option and increase our reach to the emerging talent from all social and ethnic backgrounds. We aim to reinvent the London Insurance Market brand as an inclusive, competitive industry to have a successful career. Keep updated on the career opportunities available in the market here.

Scroll down for updates on our award-winning London Insurance Life (LIL) campaign.


The LMG’s talent assessment activities review the current position and challenges faced by the London Market and, ensure talent generation… read more

Market Engagement

The LMG’s market engagement activities help to ensure that the London Market: Has awareness of the benefits of having a diverse workforce and… read more

Talent Engagement

The LMG’s talent engagement activities are centred on its London Insurance Life (@LIL) campaign which is designed to attract entry-level talent… read more

Reimagining the London Insurance Market in the post-pandemic world

The London Market Group partnered with Willis Towers Watson to produce a thought leadership piece of work which resulted in an insightful and fresh report on what the London Insurance Market will look like in a post-pandemic world.

We invited market practitioners to discuss the findings of the report and talk about the future of working.

To download the report in full click here. 

London Insurance Life

Did you know the London Insurance Market is the world’s largest market for commercial and specialty insurance? It comprises of circa 350 organisations, which employ 32,000 people in London and 15,000 outside of London, and without it the commercial world would grind to a halt.

The London Market Group (LMG) wants to attract a new generation of talent, and our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages aim to give you insight into the unique and rewarding career opportunities the London insurance market offers. These pages bring to life the people and the jobs they do in the London insurance market and include details of entry level jobs, schemes and events for people considering a career in the London insurance market.

Make sure you keep updated here with the firms in the market that offer schemes from internships to graduate schemes.


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The LMG is not a recruitment agency and can NOT help with individual job searches.

The LMG works closely with the Chartered Insurance Institute’s (CII) and supports its award-winning ‘Discover Risk’ programme. So find out more about why a career in insurance is a risk worth taking….

Discover Risk

The CII’s Discover Risk campaign brings you closer to insurance professionals. Our school and college events showcase examples of risks that the London Market insures, from films to chocolate. Or you can play our free Discover Risk app. Our free Discover membership is the smart way to convert your interest in to something more concrete – you’ll join the CII’s network of 125,000 professionals and it won’t cost you a penny.

Discover Risk website

Download the Discover Risk app



London Insurance Market information

London Insurance Market overview
London Insurance Market stats

@LIL ambassadors

Help us to attract a new generation of talent to the London insurance market

As part of the LMG’s drive to recruit a new generation of diverse talent, the London Insurance Life (@LIL) campaign was launched in 2017.  @LIL seeks to bring together young people considering their career options with young people working in the London insurance market, through targeted careers events and social media.

The primary audience for @LIL is young people who are contemplating their future working life.  The secondary audience is the people who influence them – such as friends, teachers, guardians and parents. Our aim is to open their eyes to the varied career opportunities that the London insurance market offers.

@LIL engages young people through its social media pages, which feature ‘people posts’ – short interviews from people working in the market in a number of different roles.  These posts give a flavour of what working life in the London market is like and the @LIL pages also promote details of entry level schemes and job opportunities.

Key to the success of the @LIL campaign are its ambassadors – people who work in the market that act as relatable role models for the people we are trying to attract.  There are currently around 150 ambassadors who give up their time to help promote a career in the London market to a new generation at careers events.

Being an @LIL ambassador offers a unique and rewarding opportunity to help attract new and diverse talent into the London market, whilst developing your own professional skills such as public speaking and it creates useful networking opportunities with other young professionals in the market.

We are currently recruiting ambassadors so if you are interested involved in the @LIL campaign please contact:

To find out more about the @LIL social media pages please visit:

Terms and Conditions for our social media competition can be found here.

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Being an ambassador is an excellent way to extend your network and develop new skills. The group meets regularly to help shape the campaign and celebrate successes.

  • Ronan Homer

    Underwriting assistant, professional and financial risks Markel International

    As an active @LIL ambassador, I have attended several careers fairs, schools and college events giving advice to young individuals about career opportunities available in the London Market. Carrying out these tasks on behalf of @LIL has improved my presentation skills and my confidence to speak in front of an audience and influence people. I’m enjoying being part of this campaign, it’s exciting to be able to encourage new talent and broaden the appeal of the market to a new generation of people.

  • Shakeela Khano

    Responsible Business Assistant, Internal Communications, Culture and Engagement, Beazley

    Since starting my career in insurance
    through an internship programme, I have
    always wanted to ‘give back’ by helping young
    people to understand the career opportunities
    available to them in insurance.

    On top of my job as a Responsible Business Assistant at Beazley, being an @LIL
    ambassador is a great way to achieve this. The programme helps to promote career
    opportunities in insurance to young people who either aren’t aware of the industry or don’t know how to get into it. It’s a great way to attract a talented and diverse workforce.

About the Bursary

The LMG awarded the #LondonInsuranceLife Bursary at the end of 2019, a bursary award that pays off up to 50% of the winning recipients’ student loans in relation to their tuition fees. We have now opened our applications for the #LondonInsuranceLife Bursary 2021.

Our aim is to change the way entry-level roles in the London Insurance Market are perceived. Our ambition is to increase the number of diverse, high-quality graduates that meet the needs of employers within our sector. As part of this, we would like to make entry into the London Insurance Market more attractive, accessible, and more closely aligned to the needs of upcoming graduates, it is our current intention to roll out this award on a yearly basis.

For more information on the bursary and particularly the application process we have created two e-brochures. If you are an employee and want to apply for the bursary please view this brochure, alternatively if you are an employer at a firm in the London Market and would like to find out more about how your employee could benefit please view this brochure.

How to Apply

Applications are now closed for the 2021/2022 award.

A copy of Lloyd’s Privacy Notice can be found here , under which the LMG adhere. This notice describes how Lloyd’s as a data controller, collects, uses, shares and retains the personal information you provide. Lloyd’s and the LMG is committed to ensuring that any personal data it receives is protected and handled in accordance with applicable data protection laws.



How long do I have to have been employed in the market?

-6 months or less on a contract that is at least 18 months (this includes permanent roles)

Can I apply if I am on a placement year (in my degree) within the market and have not graduated yet?

-No, unfortunately the London Insurance Life bursary is only applicable to candidates who are graduates

Is the London Insurance Life Bursary taxable?

-Yes it is

Will the London Insurance Life Bursary be paid instalments or a lump sum?

-The bursary will be paid in two instalments

Do I have to follow London Insurance Life on social media in order to apply?

-No, but it would be beneficial for you to do so regardless, in order to stay up to date and find out about other opportunities within the London Market (you can find us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn)

What does it mean to ‘promote or encourage diversity for an underrepresented group’?

-Essentially, it is asking what you have done in real life (in work, education, community, art etc) or through your online presence to advocate for diversity, especially towards groups who are generally underrepresented within the UK

Is there an age limit on who can apply?

-No, you can be of any age, as long as you are a graduate who has been working within the London Insurance Market for 6 months or less. Mature graduates are welcome to apply

When is the deadline to apply for the London Insurance Life Bursary?

-The deadline is 1st January 2021 at 11:59pm. Should there be an extension, this will be announced on our social media pages and website (so do follow us!). Please aim to apply in good time before the deadline

If my question is not answered in the FAQs, who can I contact?

-Please contact Rachel Crocker at