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Attracting Young Talent


We want to help the London Market to build a diverse, dynamic workforce which offers a deep talent pool on which the market can draw

If the London Market is to retain intellectual and financial capital to be the place where it is most likely risk transfer issues will get solved, then it urgently needs to increase the flow of young talent (aged 18-24) into the market. Speciality insurance needs to become a destination career alongside other financial services businesses.

To achieve this the LMG is:

  • Creating a compelling narrative around specialty insurance being a destination career
  • Building visibility at universities
  • Engaging school leavers
  • Maximising the talent overflow, those who may be rejected by one firm but could be attractive to others

London Insurance Life

LMG is investing in content and presentation for the LondonInsurancelife website to create a single source of information on working in the London Market. These pages bring to life the people and the jobs they do and includes details of entry level jobs, schemes and events for people considering a career in the London insurance market.

It will be promoted through social media and through campaigns in schools, colleges and universities.


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Futures Academy 2023

From 3rd July to the 14th we held out first #futuresacademy.

The involvement of 50 market firms and over 100 volunteers in offering work experience to 115 sixth-form students is a genuine market first. Never before has the whole market come together to try and share with the next generation its story; that this is an exciting place to work, with career opportunities that rival banking, law and the professions. So, what have we learned?

First, simply that ‘we can do it!’ Young talent finds specialty insurance attractive when our story is told and told well. Our programme was oversubscribed four times, and the response from the students was incredibly positive. By coming together and collaborating we could deliver at scale and with an impact that no one firm can manage on their own.


The LMG Board sponsor is Greg Collins

Workstream members are:

– Lisa Coleman (Atrium)
– Sian Carter (Lloyd’s)
– Fiona Temple (LMA)
– Caroline Wagstaff (LMG)
– Greg Collins (Miller)
– Geraldine Wright (LIIBA)
– Deborah Finch (IUA)
– Manuel Thompson- Oloko (CII)
– Ilona Garrigan (Aon)
– Fiona Wilson (TransRe)
– Toby Sisson (McGill & Partners)
– Lewis Morgan (Atrium)
– Vicky Medlycott (Gard)
– Jonathan Purser (LMG)
– Catt Whelan (Lloyd’s)

  • Greg Collins

    Chief Executive Officer



In May 2019 we published the Future of Skills in The London Market. In the last five years the London Market has taken steps to put in the place the foundations for a digital market, and there has been progress around adoption of e-placement and other important tools. Staff at every level in underwriting and broking businesses will be thinking about the impact of this on what they do every day.

The London Market Group wanted to facilitate a market wide debate about what that means for all of us. With the help of KPMG, practitioners across all sectors were engaged in thinking about where the London Market is now and where it needs to be in terms of skills. Of course, this is not just about technology, it is about collaboration, innovation, communication and risk partnering. The report highlights what can and should be done and makes some important suggests on how to take action.

Throughout 2021 The London Market Group will continue to focus on raising awareness of the insurance market as a career option and increase our reach to the emerging talent from all social and ethnic backgrounds. We aim to reinvent the London Insurance Market brand as an inclusive, competitive industry to have a successful career.

Scroll down for updates on our award-winning London Insurance Life (LIL) campaign.


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